Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My mantra has come to pass for a second straight season
Wedding time is here and the Lakers again teasin

I say it high, I say it low, I say it when it's time to go
For it's my sign off...my fateful phrase
My hopes and my dreams, my nights and my days

Team colors I bleed...the purple and gold
NBA titles I need, to have and to hold.

I say it loud, I say it clear
I say it over and over for the blogging world to hear.

This year began, I still uttered the phrase
Though this time last summer, I ached for days.

Those little green men returned once again, to smash my high note, and bring the ride to an end. But with every years close a new beginning blossoms, and with every playoff win the harsh blow of failure slightly softens.

A taste of honey here and there as the season progressed, the thrill of victory, a puffed out chest.

A homer
A diehard
A believer
A friend

So again here go- in the hunt yet again
Time after time The Master of Zen

A rapist?, a headcase, an unproven pivot
A tall mushy Spaniard, the pain of 08' now a divot.

A youngbuck small forward, who's hitting his shots
A triad of point guards playing in spots

The Bench Mob, Lamar's candy, Tyrese's rendition
Jack in the front row, Ko-BE in the kitchen.

What's that smell? - Is it rings a brewin?
Or is it the Magic on a mission to ruin

First the three-peat, then two Finals losses?
Will the ball be dropped or will they be the big bosses?

I don't know my friends, but game one looms
Until Thursday's tipoff, I'll relax with some tunes

I hope you're diggin the vibe that I'm sellin
More so, I hope that the Lakers keep gellin

Los Angeles survived the Rockets and Denver
Now it's Orlando's turn to step into the blender

The Lakeshow's on a mission to bring home the bacon
Supaman and his sidekicks best not be fakin

L.A. is focused and once again ready
Slicin and dicin like that Kruger guy Freddy

So come one come all, bring your knife and your spoon
The special of the day is....



  1. Yo Elk,

    Your inner Dr Seuss comin' out? I love it, bro.

    Somewhere there's a new Spring,
    The flowers bloom, the birds sing.

    But there is no party in LaLa Land,
    The Lakes played a weak hand.

    For Bleed the result was tragic,
    In six, it's the freakin' Magic.

  2. Bleed'
    Are you ready to see your boys amp it up with the Magic ?


  3. That was beautiful but........ GO, MAGIC!

    Is your surgery still tomorrow?

  4. Han I am,

    A weak hand?
    They may be bi-polar but they've come up big when they needed to so far. Let's not forget the route taken by Boston last year...maybe it's just building character...we'll find out soon enough.

    Dr. Seuss rocked..as did your rhyme effort Feminem.


    Go MAGIC!.....(Johnson that is)

  5. Al,

    I'm ready like Freddy bro.

    Are you boycotting Fox or what?

  6. belle,

    Surgery is tomorrow....I'm looking forward to it...not the pain, but the repairs...I'm suffering from b-ball withdrawl...I haven't played in three months.

    Thank God the Lakers have provided an escape from reality for me...now all I need is the cherry on top...a title.

    Go Earvin!

    (Magic's REAL name)

  7. Bleed'
    I didn't boycott Fox . They dumped me .
    I'm now doing NBA pieces for Joey at the basketballoracle within wordpress. So if if you're up to it. Come on over and chime in with a comment.
    All of my pieces are under the abritishman pseudonym.
    Site adress http://thebasketballoracle.wordpress.com

    So as and when you're ready chime on in with a comment.As always take good care of yourself and the family !

    tophatal .................

  8. Hey, Bleed........Hope your day wasn't spent in too much pain! Poor, Baby!